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Q & A
Q.How many years do you use the LED?
A.You can use about five years.
Q.Electricity bill of LED How long does it take?
A.If it is lit 16 hours a day 3 lights, is about 200 yen a month in Japan.
A.Warranty period of the body, including the LED light is one year.
Q.I have heard of hydroponics at home is difficult. Why hydroponic cultivation
How easy is in LED Farm Tree?
A.It has managed to grow at a pump, It has managed to grow at a pump Water hydroponics.You can easily do the same thing is LED Farm Tree.

1.Water hydroponics for us to absorb only minute cotton string is required.Aqueous solution supplying moderate is the rock wool.
 Also, stain-resistant. , Every day, there is no need to perform the exchange andcirculation.About once a week. It is OK just to replenish the Water hydroponics.
2.The top and sides are covered by a cover and seedling tray.Light is blocked Water hydroponics and (root) rock wool.
 This is to prevent the occurrence of algae and dirt.
3.Rock wool is made in contact with the air. Roots are easier to absorb oxygen moderate.
4.Light facilitates optimal photosynthesis with light energy and color of an LED is controlled. This also will be given the amount of light that was
 in the height growth of LED lights can be changed.
Q.Is it may be how seeds sown?
A.Wrap 3 grain seeds to a hole of about 3-5mm depth to rock wool.It becomes easier seed sticks when wet with water and the tip of the toothpick.
 Nursery may be a seed of grain actually. But because some seeds that do not germinate,this is seeded 3 grains.
2.Keep indoor location. (15 ℃ 25 ℃ is ideal)
3.This germinated in five dates at the earliest.You left a good seedling growth when seedlings of three. Please thinning out the other.
 There is no problem even if the nursery with three.But there is a possibility that each does not grow big.
Q.Appropriateness of the temperature of the seed is sown?
Low temperature of 10 ℃ or less. Do you have a problem 30 ℃ or more?
A.Indoor temperature of 15℃-25℃ average is the best. Growth is delayed and also may not germinate at room temperature is too low.
  You may damage the seed itself is (corruption) in the case of high temperature to reverse. Needed for germination General.
① oxygen (air). ② water (Water hydroponics).
③There are three of the appropriate temperature.
Q.How many days until germination do you take?
A.It depends on the kind of vegetables. Lettuce germinate from around the 5th. Parsley will take about two weeks. Germination of vegetable another.
  Number of days of training. See the documentation that came with.
Q.How do I make myself understood at intervals of how much water?
A.If Water hydroponics is was almost gone, add a new Water hydroponics. There is a difference also by the area of leaf vegetables and types of the interval.
 It is a degree once every three days to one week. Water hydroponics if dirty. If the algae grows, please replacement.
Q.Is it okay to open the house for about one week during cultivation?
A.It is not possible to assert okay, but Water hydroponics has steeped in rock wool. About two days is okay water has completely evaporated.
 Area of the leaf is also related this.
Q.How many hours a day do you say if you turn on the LED light?
A.It is OK if the lights for about 16 hours a day. Also there is no problem even if the lights continuously if within one week.
 Some flowers bloom and is 12 hours, such as plants of the mint family.
Q.If you ate the leaves of vegetables, new leaves do you come out?
A.Please eat from the leaves of the outside of the stem. Middle you can eat also leaves you grow up continues to grow.
Q.How long is the largest (ornamental) cultivation period?
A.It is different depending on the kind of vegetables. Guideline is 35-60 days.
Q.Can I re-use rock wool when you exit ate vegetables?
A.It is not possible to re-use of rock wool. Please discarded as general waste. Also please wash clean seedlings capsule, water absorption string.
 Please re-use that dried in the sun for sterilization. If there is a foul odor, please replace it with a string of good commercial absorbent.
Q.Species was in the set. What do I do if I've spent the rock wool?
A.You accustomed to purchase at home improvement, etc.. 4-5cm is appropriate rock wool. Turn off with a cutter knife in the case of large rock wool.
 Also the nutrient solution, please buy Hyponex fine type. Please use it diluted.